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Eight Strangers, Eight Points of View…One Truth

March 6, 2008

WTC crashed on sept 11th,2001…London Bombings on July 7th,2005… Mumbai blasts on July 11th,2006…Two assassination attempts on Bill Clinton, Nixon,Ford,  one on Reagan…

We here reports…so and so thing happened there, and so many people died, and  so many people survived…all in very bland factual terms.

Behind these, a lot of strategy is conceived…and implemented immaculately. But, fortunately, sometimes these plans failed as in the case of few assassination attempts! To accomplish this, the govt takes lot of care…, recruits the best out there for the security issues. Lots of these officers have given in their lives to save the country and its people! The complete story is very different from what we see on the TV as a small clip.

The ‘story behind’ is presented impeccable by director Pete Travis and writer Barry Levy. I sort of felt that I was watching a documentary. Adrenaline gushing everytime they show the clock countsdown to 12:00pm.

 Vantage Point is a beautiful movie to watch. Dont miss it esp if you like watching movies where ‘control is compromised’ !

Best Dialogue :

Phil McCullough: Sir, we have to act strong.
President Ashton:
No, we have to BE strong.

Click the image below to watch the trailer in a new window, or you can watch HERE


 PS: I loved the phone(some instrument, I assumed it to be phone) Saïd Taghmaoui uses in the movie. Its multi-purpose..for making calls, for switching on fan, for seeing the aerial views received from the satellite, even for pulling the trigger of the gun. Amazing, I should say!